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I found it Arashi fans!!! Here’s the behind-the-scenes story about “Carnival Night Part 2”. This was in Myojo’s album mini booklet(?), “Young Song”(November, 2006).

Question by Emi, Gunma prefecture:
“In Arashi’s album, ‘Arashic’, there’s a song called ‘CARNIVAL NIGHT part 2’. Is there Part 1?”

Let’s ask Sakurai-san!
“We didn’t actually record it, but there was part 1. We actually had to revise the lyrics multiple times for this song. The chorus, ♪CARNIVAL NIGHT〜, was ♪水金地火木、土天海、冥!〜 (*note: Sui Kin Chi Ka Moku, Dot Ten Kai, Mei!) lol. Turns out Pluto is no longer a planet anymore, so we changed the lyrics… But we felt bad for the lyricist, so we named the completed one ‘Part 2’. Just to sort out our feelings.”

*edit: Decided to post this since Pluto is a planet according to a Harvard Astronomers ;) We’re all waiting for the Part 1 now Arashiii!!!


What a cute gorilla ! x)

Arashi ni Shiyagare 2014.06.14

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